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Monthly Updates


Here's what I've been working on this month:
- Getting LOIs for Leasing Idea
- Birth Registration in Nigeria

1. Leasing Idea

Spending time on the MVP, and getting user feedback for what the simplest version of the commercial leasing process looks like, what information they usually need during a deal, and a buiness model. Before looking at anything design related, I spent some time using other third party "broker" websites to see what they offer and learned something.

Companies in this space just provide means to get something done faster but through the same process over and over again. Spending more time than ever rethinking this ancient process, would love to be connected to with any commercial leasing agents + brokers to learn more.

2. Birth Registration in Nigeria

I've started looking into a problem that I find to be very interesting, and that is a lack of birth registration in certain geographic regions. It doesn't seem like the biggest problem in the world, but after looking at different problems that are prevelant in these regions, you can see a trend of problems have birith registration or formal identification as a problem.

Currently talking to locals and experts in the field, to validate my assumptions. Stay tuned for updates on this project.



Here's what I've been working on this month:
- Water Crisis in Africa
- Recommendation Deck for Oxford.

1. Water Crisis

We've gotten much more specific than last month, we were looking into different water purification methods were once cheap, accessible, and effective we could immediately look into distribution. There was one thing though, we wanted to be 10x. With the data that we collected and analyzed, we started looking into atmospheric water sources and how we can have a good chance at collecting that clean water and then distributing it.

You can check out our breakdown here.

2. Leasing Processes @ Oxford Properties

We finished up our recommendation + our pitches to the executives @ Oxford Properties. Just a recap on this, we decided to look into the leasing process that most people use to close space with Oxford Properties. After watching some interviews and getting data points on why people use brokers, what specific values that they bring to the tenants and landlords, we decided to pitch a platform that will help tenants to stay up to date + communicate with landlords.

The whole incentive behind our recommendation could save Oxford tens of millions of dollars per annually.

I'll have the pitch deck here in a bit.



Here's what I've been working on this month:
- Water Crisis in Africa
- Learning about PIE's & Industry challenges

1. Water Crisis

For the past two weeks, it's been mainly about getting perspective and understanding why this is such a huge problem. Big priority for me has been understanding the way these pain points work, what does a day in the life of these villagers look like, and then understanding why solutions today won't work because of how they live their lives, something a lot of people/companies don't understand today.

At this point in time, we're focusing on how we can gain a better depth of understanding, and breaking the problem down into its root causes which will heavily influence the content we create on our learnings.

2. PIE's & Industry Challenges

I'm so hyped to start looking into the real estate industry again, for those of you that remember I dived into affordable housing last year when I was creating a recommendation deck for Sidewalk Labs for their late quayside project. My focus this time would be centered around the main challenges that people face in the industry, and how we can work towards solving or cleaning up those bottlenecks.

Talking about how we can solve problems/bottlenecks, time to introduce PIE's. Throughout Activate (TKS second year program), a huge focus is not only put on solving the world's biggest problems but also problems that are incentivized economically. Keep your eyes peeled for next months update aka after this challenge is over.