/ Valmik Rao



Affordable Housing

I spent a few months looking into the housing industry in Toronto, led to a consulting project with Sidewalk Labs all about how they can make late Quayside Project almost as affordable as 40% below industry rental rates.

Deliverables: Slide Deck, Article

Internship @ Zappos

Spent a summer working on buisness development @ Zappos, whole idea being surrounded by "If Zappos were to stop selling shoes, could this venture keep us alive?"

Deliverables: Slide Deck

LeasePal: Commercial Leasing Platform

This idea spurred out of a recommendation that I had for Oxford Properties. Where we created a platform that is a start to end process for commercial tenants looking to get space, without tenant representatives.

Deliverables: Standalone Deck

Stem Cells Research

Regenerative medicine always had huge potential in my eyes, I did a lot research, talked to researchers active in the field, wrote a bunch of content to help people understand the benefits of stem cells better & a better way to create stem cell populations.

Deliverables: Articles + Videos

I'm always working on new things, but might be a little slow adding it here. If you're interested in some of my other projects, feel free to check out all my content, projects, ventures here.